In previous years I have celebrated Nobel Prizes in Physics: for the Higgs Boson and Dark Energy. Last year the prize was for the development of blue LEDs, which resulted in bright white LED lights, like you see in most torches these days. This year I'd like to celebrate the Physics research done in my own group by a PhD student Mark Zammit. His work was to develop quantum collision theory for applications in astrophysics, fusion energy and cancer therapy. His efforts were recognised by the WA Premier Colin Barnett with the award of the 2014 WA Young Scientist of The Year.
With this book prize, for the top year-11 Physics student of 2014, I am hoping to attract more outstanding students to study Physics in my group. The book is entitled "A Universe from nothing", written by Professor Lawrence Krauss. It gives me great pleasure to award this prize, which has a personalised dedication from Lawrence, to ...

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