I go to many schools, talk to many students and their parents. I'm often asked what job will I get if I study Physics. I explain: we all know that if you study Medicine, you'll become a doctor, if you study engineering you'll become an engineer, if you study law, you'll become unemployed! But, if you study Physics you can do anything.
Today I'm here to let you know that world class Physics is being done right here in your own back yard. Professor David Blair's group from UWA was part of a team that discovered gravitational waves. More recently, the work from my own group at Curtin showed how to make antihydrogen, and the first measurements were reported just a few months ago. The goal is to understand matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe and how antimatter interacts with gravity. Does it fall or rise, no-one knows! Whoever succeeds will win a Nobel Prize in Physics!
With this book prize, for the top year-11 Physics student, I am hoping to attract more students to study Physics and Mathematics, at the highest level, and then succeed on the world stage. The book is entitled "A Universe from nothing", written by theoretical physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss. It gives me great pleasure to award this prize, which has a personal dedication from Lawrence, to ...

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