I go to many schools, talk to many students and their parents. I'm often asked what job will I get if I study Physics. I explain: we all know that if you study Medicine, you'll become a doctor, if you study engineering you'll become an engineer, if you study law, you'll become unemployed! But, if you study Physics you can do anything.
This year Physics in Australia is off to a flying start. Quantum Physicist Professor Michelle Simmons of UNSW was named Australian of the Year for her work in the area of Quantum Computing and related technologies. In her speech Michelle emphasised how Australia is at the forefront of many areas of Physics research. Here in WA we are about to start building the world's largest radio telescope, The Square Kilometre Array. We need engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists. To attract the brightest students Curtin has created an Advanced Physics degree that combines world-class Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. In addition, there is the Engineering-Physics double degree. The graduates will have some of the best careers either here in WA, or anywhere else in the world. So, if you love maths and physics, and don't we all, please join us!
This book prize, for the top year-11 Physics student of last year, is entitled "A Universe from nothing", written by theoretical physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss. It gives me great pleasure to award this prize, which has a personal dedication from Lawrence, ...

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