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Welcome to my homepage. As of October 2010, I am Head of Physics and Astronomy, and the Theoretical Physics Group, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, at Curtin University. For the years 2002-2011 I was an ARC Professorial Fellow at Murdoch and Curtin Universities, and during the previous fifteen years I was at the Flinders University of South Australia. Prior to that I graduated in 1986 from the University of Adelaide, Department of Mathematical Physics, with PhD entitled Gravitational lens effect of galaxies and black holes.

Our research interests are in the area of electrons, positrons, photons or (anti)proton scattering from atoms, ions and molecules, as well as laser- and atom-surface interactions. Applications include lasers, astrophysics (particularly x-ray emission from charge-exchange), plasma processing, plasma displays, fusion research, the lighting industry, and medical imaging and therapy.

Winner of the 1995 David Syme medal. Awarded by the University of Melbourne for The best original research work in Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics, produced in Australia, during the preceding two years, preference being given to work of value in the industrial and commercial interests of the country.

Joint winner, with Andris Stelbovics, of the 1996 Walter Boas medal. Awarded by the Australian Institute of Physics for Original research making the most important contribution to physics performed in Australia in the 5 years prior to the Award

Joint winner, with Yuri Kivshar, of the 1998 Pawsey medal. Awarded by the Australian Academy of Science for Outstanding research in physics by scientists not over the age of 40 years for work carried out mainly in Australia

Winners of the 2008, 2009 and 2011 Curtin Table Tennis Challenges.

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Pictures of the Institute of Theoretical Physics Launch on the 1st of May, 2009

Pictures from the 2022 Western Australian Premier's Science Awards, courtesy of Alana Blowfield Photography.

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